Playing Hangman in the Classroom

I have played Hangman with my dad and then with my children my ENTIRE life! But this week I realized I had never used it in the classroom. We had 3 classes in one room while old teachers were moving out and new teachers were moving in last week and my friend, Mrs. O, the other teacher in the room, had every child dead quiet while they played Hangman on the board with our Reading and Math vocabulary ~ They. Love. It!!! Well yesterday as we were waiting to change classes and get ready for our new dismissal procedures I told them they had "earned" a little free time. The entire class played Hangman, in small groups, in pairs, it was wonderful! But the best part of the day, one of the darlings handed me this as she was leaving, I Love Mrs. Smith was the sentence she had used, which was sweet and kind and funny, but seeing the "hanged man" looking kind of like me was hysterical! :)

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