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Yesterday my hubby and I were running around doing a few family errands and there seemed to be TONS of Estate Sales and Garage Sales. Where we live on Fleming Island there are some EXTREMELY rich neighborhoods, so you will find one of two things.....
1. Great Kid Stuff but priced almost as high as brand new because the family is in debt up to their eyeballs and they are trying to pay down those charge cards! One man told me $40 yesterday for a bucket of Lego/Duplo blocks that are brand new at Wal*Mart for $19.99 without previous kids' germs and slobber! {OK, thank you, I'll set those down gently now so they will not break, good luck with your sale!!}
2. Great Kid Stuff for PENNIES that the family is just trying to clear out some junk since the kids have outgrown the items.
We stopped at a nice sale and I got these great keepers for 25 cents for the paperbacks and 50 cents for the hardbacks....nice, clean, no scribbles....I didn't even barter with my usual, "I teach third grade...blah, blah, blah...." but trust me, when you tell people it is for your classroom, sometimes prices come way down there are such nice people out there! :) I already have the DK set in the first picture, so now I have two of each that they can EEKK read with {pair reading} and the other 5 were amazing, I just couldn't leave them there!
I know that a lot of teachers set up all sorts of library check out systems in their classroom, but here is mine...
I tell my boys and girls that I trust them and they may take any book home. But if it rips or tears, just tell me the truth and we'll repair it together. If they lost it, no big deal, these things happen even to adults, just tell me the truth and you can get another book. Every book I own is one I can live without if it doesn't get returned, I'm just glad that in a Title I school where many children never get to a public library, I can encourage them to take my books home to read. Most of my books were very cheap or free. I bought a stamp at VistaPrint that says Property of Fern Smith!

that I stamp in every book. I actually let the helpers stamp any new/used books that I bring to school, they love it, it gets the job done, but it is not always perfect, and that is OK too!
We stamp the inside front cover, back cover and usually a random page. Many times these books show up in my mailbox from the bus, SuccessMaker Lab, the lunchroom, the REAL public library ~ by having the stamp it makes it easier for people to return my books. So the stamp was money well spent! It was actually free if you know VistaPrint, I just paid a cheap shipping fee and waited 21 days!  

The books that I want to keep for my read alouds I have in a file cabinet. Click here to read how I organized them. Here is a picture of what it looks like,
 if I had know this picture was going to end up all over Pinterest I would have taken a better picture, but it does help teachers keep read alouds organized! That way, by keeping them separate, they don't get lost. I hope this little tip helps! ~Fern

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