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Random Thought for the Day!

Today's Random Thought comes to you from the public library. As I was walking in today I saw this sticker on the driver's side window....ahhhhhh, how sweet! The same exact sticker is even on the passenger's side window......again, ahhhhhhh, how sweet, matching stickers! Lovely, lovely, lovely ~ but please Lord, let them be at the library to check out a DICTIONARY!


  1. hehehe love it!! Thanks for the laugh! It also reminds me of my dad who will take a highlighter to the local newspaper for that reason! -- ouch

    Primary Connections

  2. Funny. Maybe that was someone's name?

  3. Part II for Sarah ~ I thought it might be a name or a Spanish word maybe, so being the complete geek that I am, I went right to the library's computers and Googled it! Nope, nothing! On the way out I showed it to the hubby ~ his two cents, "I bet she makes him wear matching shirts too!"


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