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The Winners Are......

So, using the Random Number Generator for 10 WINNERS and posting them here is taking more than a few minutes ~ here are the winners:

Samantha ~ Julie ~ Heather ~ Brenda ~ Steph ~ Hadar ~ Love, Polka Dot ~ Mechele ~ Kwelnicke ~ Kelly B

Thank You to everyone who played, I ♥loved reading everyones' plans, I always learn something new & I've picked up a few new blogs to follow! Thank you!

If you are a winner, please send me the list of what you would like ~ and I will also being sending you a follow up email!

Thanks again,



  1. I have sent out emails & I have posted on blogs.....
    BUT ~ I can't find emails, blogs or info to contact the following people:
    Love, Polka Dot
    and Kelly B
    Please contact me at with the list of your $10's worth of items.
    Thanks again for the fun,

  2. Yay!! SO excited! I am off to shop.........
    Primary Inspired

  3. YAY!!!! So excited to win your products! woohoo, thanks Fern!


  4. This is my lucky week!!
    Thanks so much Fern!!
    You rock!!

    Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher

  5. Thank you, Fern!!! I am so excited! :) You are awesome! I am emailing you as we speak.

  6. How did you get the random number generator?

  7. Mrs. Coe ~ is the web site ~ it's pretty cool!

  8. PS...I also use the random number web site in my classroom...they love it! My co-teacher numbered everyone and so I use it to have them line up sometimes or to be a helper or just a silly way to answer a question. Also if we need a tie breaker for a contest I have them pick a number 1 to 1,000 and then the computer "picks" the winner! :) I have the technology to have the computer on the screen so they can all see it ~ they love it!

  9. Yay! I am so excited! Thank you so much! I'm sorry for your trouble! Here is my email address:

    kellybbrown at gaston dot k12 dot nc dot us


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